Is there are Any Effective treatment for Acne?

Is there any effective acne treatment ?

Yes, there is. Its a fairly new one, and most people don’t know about it; Its natural – and its name is Saw Palmetto. Our facial aesthetics is one of the things most important to us and therefore those canker sores and inflamed facial area require a professional and quick. Adolescence, acne appears more in boys than in girls . But often this phenomenon does not end in adolescence and follows the adolescent adult life .   acne

In addition , there are adults that their lives were unhappy facial skin smooth and perfect and suddenly aged thirty forty wounds began harassing them appear on their faces and their backs. There are a variety of acne treatments . Acne treatment can be medication , cosmetic and alternative . Treatment is tailored to each person individually according to the degree of severity of this problem.

What Causes Acne ?

There are many different factors that can lead to the formation of a skin problem that , like infections and infections in the skin , hormonal which hormones increased or reduced abruptly , too keratin produced in cells skin , a high level of production of milk secreted from the skin and causes those pimples, bacteria acne penetrates into the skin , and more.

Many times we hear that people who suffer from acne must maintain a healthy diet , avoid chocolates , avoid smoking , use of various cosmetics, which stimulate the skin , to practice all kinds of relaxation exercises designed to free a person has acne from everyday stress . There are people who believe that these recommendations are considered remedies , this is not true. Proper management of routine , taking care of everything that you put in your body , keeping it clean and avoiding unnecessary stress can help you prevent disease and many skin symptoms (including acne ) and solve them quickly.

To Summarize, if you experience acne or have experienced the phenomenon at an earlier age , but still you have those ugly scars left by acne , it is important contacting Cosmetology accredited and have experience in order to clean up face and skin will help you solve the problem in the quickest way .
From so many do not know that this was not ” cutting Heaven ” that get given situation. Come to my office many adolescent patients who receive the phenomenon as something that is part and parcel of life and that should be the case . The phenomenon of acne involves pain , low self-esteem , vulnerable appearance and sometimes even social rejection . Many patients who come to my clinic , if they had taken a number of actions prevented , may their acne condition was much better and perhaps they had no wounds at all.

Therefore , I decided to concentrate Ten ways to prevent the appearance of acne sores or weakening very significantly :

  1. Should be avoided as much as possible touching with unclean hands to your face
  2. Be sure that the hair does not touch the face, especially if you have oily hair
  3. While you talk on the phone , make sure it does not come into contact with the face
  4. Important to keep replacing linens and pillows frequency of once a week
  5. When using different skin tonics , the better they will not be based on oil, or any fat-free
  6. Facial skin should be used with peroxide or antibacterial products
  7. Be sure to remove makeup before bed
  8. Avoid fatty foods as much as possible , chocolate , alcohol , soft drinks and seafood
  9. Drink plenty of water and eating green apple .
  10. Has to keep drinking green tea every day and consume psyllium husks with water
  11. After washing the face ( and better not to wash my face with excessive frequency ) has put a wet towel on your face .

It is important to clarify that could be that even if you take any of these actions , yet acne lesions appear . In any case, always advisable to consult a dermatologist for creams, or seek Photo – pneumatic . This kind of treatment is done once or twice a week for 4-5 weeks.


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